Music Friday: Train Sings of a ‘River Made of Silver’ in the New Release, ‘Angel in Blue Jeans’

Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you great songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the lyrics or title. Today we bring you Train’s frontman Pat Monahan singing about falling head over heals for an “angel in blue jeans” in the lead single from the group’s new album, Bulletproof Picasso.


Sadly, the girl leaves Monahan broken-hearted, spawning these memorable lyrics: “Like a river made of silver / Everyone came running to the scene / I was shot down in cold blood / By an angel in blue jeans.”

Written by Monahan and the Norwegian songwriting team of Espen Lind and Amund Bjørklund, “Angel in Blue Jeans” has a hard-driving, anthem-like quality that’s reminiscent of the soundtrack of 1966 Spaghetti Western, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Playing up the Western theme, Monahan and his band picked Machete’s tough-guy character actor Danny Trejo to star in the “Angel in Blue Jeans” music video, which takes place in a dusty outpost in the Mojave Desert. In a neat role swap, Trejo plays the hero while Monahan and his bandmates play the villains.

In the end, Trejo — not Monahan — gets to be reunited with his “angel in blue jeans,” played by Hannah Simone.

Monahan told Entertainment Tonight (ET) that he enjoyed being the bad guy. He also poked fun at Trejo, who, during the filming, had trouble lip-syncing the song on which Monahan performs the actual lead vocals. Apparently, Trejo had to listen to the track about 50 times before he could lip-sync the words properly.

“I drove everybody crazy with it, but thank God everybody likes the song,” Trejo told ET.

“I think [the retakes] cost us another $2 million,” Monahan joked.

“Angel in Blue Jeans” hit the airwaves in June 2014 as the lead single from Train’s seventh album, Bulletproof Picasso, which was released on September 16, 2014. The song peaked at #8 on Billboard’s U.S. Adult Top 40 list and charted in seven countries.

The Grammy-award-winning band, which is celebrating its 20th year together, has sold more than 10 million albums and 30 million tracks worldwide.

We invite you to take your pick of two music videos below. The first is the official version of “Angel In Blue Jeans” starring Trejo. The second is Train’s performance of the song on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The lyrics are below if you’d like to sing along.

“Angel in Blue Jeans”
Written by Pat Monahan, Amund Bjørklund, and Espen Lind. Performed by Train.

And though I never got her name
Or time to find out anything
I loved her just the same
And though I rode a different road
And sang a different song
I’ll love her till my last breath’s gone
Like a river made of silver
Everyone came running to the scene
I was shot down in cold blood
By an angel in blue jeans

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh

Late that night she got away
I chased her to the turnpike
Then lost her where the music never plays
And though I rolled upon the stones and fell into the water
I’ll love her till my judgment day
Like a sunrise made of white lies
Everything was nothing as it seems
I was shot down in cold blood
By an angel in blue jeans

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh

I hear voices calling all around
I keep falling down
I think my heart could pound right out of me
I see a million different ways
To never leave this maze alive

I woke up in somebody’s arms
Strange and so familiar
Where nothing could go wrong
Barely alive or nearly dead
Somehow awake in my own bed
And there you are
Like a highway headed my way
Life is but a dream
I was shot down by your love
My angel in blue jeans

Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah




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