Survey: Nearly 7 in 10 Brides Influence the Engagement Ring Buying Decision

When it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring, most guys are no longer on their own. A new survey by reveals that nearly 70% of brides have input in the buying decision.


Faced with the question, “Who really selected your ring?” 30.1% of brides claimed it was a “joint decision,” 12.2% said it was “my sole decision,” and 26.6% said it was the “partner’s decision with some of my involvement.” Only 31% said it was her “partner’s sole decision.”


When asked about the specific features of a ring, brides selected style over size.

More than 86% of brides said the “overall design” was one of the most important features of a ring. This answer topped all others, including price (62.7%), color of the diamond (58.5%), sentimental nature of the ring (58.3%) and size of the diamond (47.7%).


The question, “How did you select your ring?” revealed a “disconnect” between the sexes.

Brides rated the “setting” (55.7%) above the “type of stone” (22.6), while their partners believed the opposite — the “type of stone” (50%) was of greater importance than the “setting” (20%).


Round and princess-cut diamonds were, by far, the most popular choices of engagement ring center stones. Nearly half (46.8%) are flaunting their “round” diamonds, while 31.5% are enjoying their “princess” cuts. Further down on the list were “cushion” (5.5%), “emerald” (3.6%) and “marquise” (3.6%).


The survey also revealed that chivalry is still alive. Exactly 80% reported that their partners paid for their engagement rings.

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